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Which sockets should be installed in the kitchen? The most complete kitchen socket inventory, one cannot be less, practical recommendations
2019-12-26 16:52:14

Do you know the second decoration? Simply put, the decoration is based on the rough house delivered by the open shop. This kind of decoration must be clear to everyone, that is, the decoration we are used to.

Do you know how to perfect the decoration? It is the third and fourth decoration based on the second decoration.

What, isn't that a remake? Who has nothing to do when he is idle and will do it again when he is finished?

In fact, there is no doubt that many people do not have perfect planning before decoration, and knock and knock after the completion of the renovation, and the number of modifications is not too small. Among them, the most common is the improvement of the circuit. Due to the increasing number of small electrical appliances, many families find that the sockets are far from enough and have to keep adding sockets. However, perfection is only perfection after all. We can't knock on the wall and bury the thread again. The direct problem brought about by this is the bare wires, which seriously affect the indoor view and directly pull the hardcover house down to the standard of rental housing.

 statistics, because the kitchen socket is the most concentrated, naturally become a high incidence of circuit improvement, this thick artisan to talk about the problem of kitchen socket.

What should be paid attention to in the kitchen socket

1. The power of kitchen appliances is relatively large, so the bus entering the kitchen should be wired separately and the wire diameter should not be less than 4 square millimeters. In addition, it is better to use a socket separately for each electrical appliance so as not to damage the socket due to excessive current.

2. All sockets shall be prevented from being installed beside gas stoves and gas pipelines.

3, gas water heater socket to avoid water heater and inlet and outlet pipes and gas pipe, and try to stay in the wall position to facilitate the layout of flue.

4. The socket shall be equipped with its own switch to avoid the trouble of plugging and unplugging the plug in the future.

5. Locations of non-table sockets such as microwave ovens, disinfection cabinets and electric ovens should be designed in advance to avoid missing wiring and affecting the installation of electrical appliances.

6. In addition to the necessary sockets, more spare sockets should be reserved.

Inventory of Several Necessary Sockets in Kitchen

▼ lampblack machine socket

Receptacles needed by range hoods are generally 2.15 meters to 2.2 meters from the ground. Receptacles can also be hidden in the ceiling, which will not affect the overall beauty of the kitchen.

▼ refrigerator socket

Generally, the height of the common socket is 0.3 meters, but when the refrigerator is in use, the position of 0.3 meters on the back will emit a large amount of heat. If installed in this position, the aging of refrigerator wires will be accelerated. In addition, considering the need of the length of the socket wire, the most suitable height of the socket of the refrigerator from the ground is 0.5 meters to 1 meter.

▼ disinfection cabinet socket

If a wall-mounted disinfection cabinet is used, its socket generally needs to be about 2 meters from the ground. If a vertical disinfection cabinet is used in the kitchen, a height of 0.5m is sufficient. In addition, the location of the socket should be kept away from the gas pipeline.

▼ microwave oven socket

The socket of the microwave oven is best installed at the back of the microwave oven, which will be more beautiful. However, if you have the habit of unplugging, you can also choose a socket with a switch and install it on the left and right sides of the microwave oven, thus avoiding the trouble of unplugging.

▼ oven socket

If the socket of the embedded oven is installed directly behind the oven, the position of the socket is preferably 0.3 meters more than the depth of the oven. It is also possible to place the socket in the cabinet next door or in other idle positions, so that the power supply can be controlled more conveniently.

▼ Water Heater Socket

The socket of the water heater must not be installed under the inlet and outlet of the water heater. Once the water heater leaks, the water flowing into the socket is very easy to be dangerous. If you are using a small kitchen treasure, the socket is generally installed below the side of the dish washing tank, about 0.5 meters above the ground, and above the water inlet and outlet of the dish washing tank.

▼ Water purifier socket

The socket of the water purifier can be arranged side by side with the small kitchen treasure, and the height of the socket is the same as that of the small kitchen treasure. The height of the socket from the ground is about 0.5m, which is higher than the inlet and outlet of the vegetable washing tank.

▼ Other kitchen sockets

Electric rice cookers, juicers, electric pressure cookers, i

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