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When decorating, how should I choose the switch socket?
2019-12-26 09:15:54

Switch socket is an important part of decoration, which is related to the use of household appliances. Let's talk about some knowledge about how to choose switch socket:

1. Classification of Switch Sockets

01. Switch

The switch is divided into one-bit single-double control, two-bit single-double control, three-bit single-double control and four-bit single-double control.

Double-control switch can replace single-control switch, but single-control switch cannot replace double-control switch. The double-control switch with the same number of keys will be more expensive than the single-control switch. If there are individual switches that are not sure whether to buy the double-control switch or the single-control switch, it is enough to directly pay for the control switch, thus saving the trouble of running again.


02. Power socket

Power socket, bedroom bedside mostly uses two plugs, kitchen and bathroom mostly uses three plugs, there are two types of electrical sockets need to install switches, one type is commonly used electrical appliances, such as microwave ovens, washing machines, televisions, and another type is electrical appliances with relatively high sockets, such as projectors, air conditioners, range hoods, etc.

Remember: Do not plug two kinds of household appliances with higher power into the same socket.


03. Information socket

Information sockets can be divided into ordinary and broadband TV sockets, one-bit and two-bit audio sockets.

When installing the information socket, great attention should be paid to it. It should not only be convenient to use, but also be hidden and inconspicuous. In the bedroom, the information sockets can be located on both sides of the bed head; In the living room, it can be located at one end of the sofa near the window. In the study, it should be located near the writing desk.

Hint: The vertical distance between the information socket and the ground should not be less than 20cm.


04. Panel switch socket

Panel switch socket can be divided into blank panel, switch panel, switch and socket splash box.

If the panel position is reserved but installation is not required for the time being, a blank panel can be installed first and replaced later. The switch and socket splash-proof box is recommended to be installed in the toilet or the place easy to splash water, which can protect the switch socket from splashing water.

2, switch socket how to choose

01. Look at the brand

Switches or sockets produced by small manufacturers are unreliable, short in service life and unsafe, and most well-known brands promise consumers effective quality assurance. You can first pay attention to multiple brands, then compare prices to understand the evaluation, and finally purchase.

02. Look at the style

The style and grade of the switch should be consistent with the overall indoor style, but choosing the right style can make the finishing point. White is the mainstream, and the color of the switch panel should be coordinated with the overall tone.


03. Look at the appearance and feel

Good socket materials have strong stability, are not easy to change color, and have smooth and smooth appearance surface, no bubbles, no scratches, no stains, uniform color and texture, which can be clearly seen by naked eyes and feel very good.

04. Look at the weight

A good switch socket should have enough weight. Copper sheet inside the switch is the most critical part. If it is alloy or thin copper sheet, it will not have the same weight and quality.

05. Look at accessories

The switch socket needs to be screwed to its base to be fixed to the wall surface. The firmness of this base will also affect the use of the switch panel. Some brands now use cold-rolled steel plates to make this base, which will be more durable.

06. Inspection

When the switch is delivered home, it should be carefully inspected. The product packaging should be standardized and complete, and the design and printing should be exquisite. It should have clear trademark, manufacturer's address, telephone number, company website and other information, with instructions for use, certificate of approval, attachment screws, etc.


3. Selection of Switch Sockets in Different Functional Zones

01. Kitchen

There are many things that use electricity in the kitchen, so you must know well before decorating.

Suitable sockets: 5~6 level 3 sockets (range hood, dishwasher, water purifier/dispenser, oven, refrigerator, etc.); Two second and third level sockets (small appliances occasionally used such as juicer and hot water cup); 2~3 sockets with switches (electric rice cooker, toaster, egg cooker and other commonly used small appliances).

02. Toilet

The humidity in the toilet is high, and it is better not to unplug the plug of large electrical appliances frequently, and to choose the socket with switch.

Applicable sockets: 1~2 splash-proof sockets (beside bathroom cabinet and toilet); 1~2 sockets with switch (electric water heater, washing machine); Set aside 1~2 second and third level sockets (beside bathroom cabinet and toilet).

03. Living room

The sockets in the living room have strong pertinence and also need to think about the equipment to be used in advance.

Applicable sockets: 6 secondary sockets and 23 secondary sockets (sofa edge, TV background wall, etc.); 1 telephone socket; 2~3 network cable sockets; 1 cable TV socket; One air conditioning socket.

04. Bedroom

The arrangement of sockets in this private area is mainly determined by your living habits.

Suitable sockets: 5 second and third level sockets (on both sides of the bed, under the dresser, behind the TV cabinet, etc.); 1 telephone socket; 1 network cable socket; 1 cable TV socket; One air conditioning socket.

5, switch socket maintenance guide

1. Don't switch the switch repeatedly. This will not only increase the power consumption, but also reduce the service life of the switch. During the opening and closing process, the operating parts will wear out. 2. Use the socket in order. Insert the plug first and then turn on the switch, turn off the switch and then pull out the plug. Avoid sparks caused by friction of electrified copper sheets in the socket; 3. Surface protection of switch socket. Add some decorations to protect the surroundings, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and top covers on switch sockets. 4. Alcohol for cleaning switch socket. The switch socket should always be kept clean and can be wiped with a dry cloth stained with a small amount of low-concentration alcohol. Do not use water for cleaning.

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