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What kind of sockets do you want in the kitchen? Take stock of the most complete kitchen sockets, no less, practical recommendation
2019-11-26 15:45:27

Do you know the second decoration? Simply speaking, it is to decorate on the basis of the roughcast houses delivered by the developers. We must be clear about this kind of decoration, that is, we are used to it.

Do you know how to improve the decoration? That is, on the basis of the second decoration, the third and fourth decoration will be carried out.

What, isn't that remoulding? Who has nothing to do with leisure, and will do it again after the decoration?

In fact, there is no doubt that many people do not have a perfect plan before the decoration, and then knock on it after the completion of the project. There are not few modifications. Among them, the most common is the improvement of the circuit. Due to the continuous increase of small electrical appliances, many families find that the socket is far from enough after moving in, so they have to constantly increase the socket. However, perfection is only perfection after all. We can't knock the wall and bury the line again. The direct problem brought by this is the bare wire, which seriously affects the indoor view, and directly lowers the hardbound room to the level of rental room.

What should be paid attention to in kitchen socket

1. The power of kitchen appliances is relatively large, so the bus entering the kitchen should be wired separately, with the wire diameter not less than 4mm2. In addition, it is better to use a separate socket for each appliance to avoid damage to the socket caused by excessive current.

2. All sockets shall not be installed near the gas stove and gas pipeline.

3. The outlet of gas water heater shall avoid the water heater, water inlet and outlet pipes and gas pipes, and shall be left at the outlet of the wall as far as possible to facilitate the arrangement of flue.

4. The socket shall be equipped with its own switch, so as to avoid the trouble of plug in and out in the future.

5. The positions of sockets not on the table, such as microwave oven, disinfection cabinet and electric oven, shall be designed in advance to avoid missing wiring and affecting the installation of electrical appliances.

6. In addition to the necessary sockets, more spare sockets shall be reserved.

Check several necessary sockets in kitchen

▼ lampblack machine socket

The socket needed for the lampblack machine is generally 2.15m-2.2m away from the ground, and the socket can also be hidden in the ceiling, so as not to affect the overall beauty of the kitchen.

▼ refrigerator socket

Generally, the height of the ordinary socket is 0.3m, but when the refrigerator is in use, the 0.3m position on the back will emit a lot of heat. If it is installed in this position, it will accelerate the aging of the refrigerator wire. In addition, considering the length of the socket wire, the most appropriate height of the refrigerator socket from the ground is between 0.5m and 1m.

▼ disinfection cabinet socket

If the wall hung disinfection cabinet is used, its socket generally needs to be about 2 meters from the ground. If the kitchen uses a vertical disinfection cabinet, then the height is 0.5m. In addition, the location of the socket should avoid the gas pipeline.

Microwave socket

The socket of microwave oven is best installed at the back of microwave oven, so it will be more beautiful. But if you have the habit of unplugging, you can also choose the socket with switch, which is installed on the left and right sides of the microwave oven, so as to avoid the trouble of unplugging.

▼ oven socket

If the socket of the embedded oven is installed at the front and rear of the oven, the socket should be located 0.3m more than the depth of the oven. The socket can also be placed in the cabinet next door or other idle positions, so as to control the power supply conveniently.

▼ water heater socket

The socket of the water heater must not be installed under the water inlet and outlet of the water heater. Once the water heater leaks, the water flow into the socket is very dangerous. If you are using a small kitchen treasure, the socket is generally installed under the side of the vegetable washing tank, about 0.5m from the ground, higher than the water inlet and outlet of the vegetable washing tank.

▼ water purifier socket

The socket of the water purifier can be arranged side by side with the small kitchen treasure, and the height is the same with the small kitchen treasure. The height from the ground is about 0.5m, which is higher than the water inlet and outlet of the vegetable washing tank.

Other kitchen sockets

Electric rice cooker, juicer, electric pressure cooker, electromagnetic stove and other kitchen sockets need to be installed at a place about 1.2 meters away from the ground, but avoid the sink, stove and gas pipeline. In addition, it is recommended to reserve more sockets with switches on the table, so as to avoid the trouble of insufficient use of plugs and frequent plugging.

Other precautions

The wiring of the circuit cannot go to the ground of the kitchen, at least 0.3m away from the ground, and pay attention to avoid the gas pipeline, and the distance between the two should not be greater than 0.2m. For water heater, oven and other high-power electrical appliances, separate sockets shall be used, and wires with a cross-sectional area of not less than 4mm2 shall not be shared with other electrical appliances.

Kitchen socket quantity reference

It is recommended to arrange more than 15 socket panels in the whole kitchen, most of them are around the operation table, and all kinds of small appliances (spare sockets) can be shared. ① 8 table sockets: 1 electric rice cooker, 1 electric kettle, 1 electromagnetic stove, 1 electric pressure cooker, 4-5 standby (coffee machine, juicer, soybean milk machine, electric cake bell, noodle machine, bread machine).

② 1 lampblack machine

③ 1 refrigerator

④ 1 disinfection cabinet

⑤ 1 microwave oven

1 electric oven

⑦ one water purifier

⑧ 1 water heater (small kitchen treasure)

It is recommended to buy the socket with switch, so as to avoid unplugging every time the appliance is used up.

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