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This kind of socket is installed in the kitchen. It's practical and beautiful. I regret that it's too late!
2019-12-18 09:30:23

The kitchen is the most commonly used place in the home, but there are a lot of electrical appliances in the kitchen, large and small, the wiring of these appliances is a big problem, you want to think about it. If everyone is cooking, there will be a pile of wires nearby. Are you still in the mood of cooking? Therefore, only a clean environment is conducive to cooking delicious food, but have you ever thought about how to design the kitchen socket to ensure that the kitchen looks neat and beautiful? What kind of socket is suitable for the kitchen?

I. what types of sockets are suitable for the kitchen?


When we decorate the kitchen and bathroom, we should pay special attention to these two spaces, which are quite special. There are more electricity and water. The waterproof measures at home are not only good, but also the sockets should be waterproof. Common sockets are easy to leak and catch fire when encountering water and electricity. Ordinary sockets are no longer popular for installation. Smart people will choose sockets with better waterproof capacity, so that life will be more secure.

Now people are popular with socket in embedded form. This kind of socket was very popular in foreign countries, and now it is widely used in China, and it has gradually entered our life. The embedded socket can be lifted by a switch when it is used, which is very safe and convenient to use, and can be bounced back when it is used up, but the use safety is guaranteed, and the function that can be hidden is also very practical. More and more young families prefer to use this kind of socket. The effect is really good. This kind of socket is fashionable and beautiful. No wonder people depend on it so much.

And kitchen and toilet, also can install the socket with waterproof box. With waterproof box socket, its moisture-proof function is very good, especially suitable for installation in the kitchen and toilet. As long as the lid is closed in time when it is used up, there is no need to worry about the moisture gathering in it, so it will be safe when it is used. And usually not afraid of oil stained sockets, waterproof box can also prevent oil pollution.

Now there is a new type of socket on the market, which is favored by people. This is the same track socket. This kind of socket can provide us with great convenience. Just as the name implies, several sockets are on the same track, so we only need to move the socket to use, instead of the traditional socket, we need to move the electrical appliances around, which is much more convenient than the traditional socket.

In addition, there is another kind of socket, which is also very convenient, that is, the socket with switch. When we use electrical appliances, we do not need to unplug the plug of the speaker, but press the switch directly. In this way, we can reduce the impact of long-term use on electrical appliances, and also reduce the impact on the plug. This kind of socket with switch can protect electrical appliances well and provide us with great convenience.

Friends who like to play the edge stove, the dining table is generally not used against the wall, so they often buy a row plug to use, although it is convenient to use, but it is very ugly, and it is easy to trip people, especially families with children, it is easy to have electric shock risk, so it is best to install a plug on the dining table, so it is convenient and safe to use.

2. How to arrange the kitchen socket?


1. Outlet layout of kitchen range hood

If it's a conventional smoker, we only need to install a five hole 10A socket above the slant of the range hood, 2150mm-2250mm from the ground. Recently, there is a cabinet type range hood. If this kind of hood is considered, the position of the socket is determined according to the on-site arrangement.

2. Outlet layout of gas water heater

Determine the location of the gas water heater on the wall in the kitchen to place a three hole or five hole socket.

3. Outlet layout of water purifier, water heater and garbage crusher

If you consider the installation of water purification equipment in advance, workers have considered the installation position of water purifier when walking on the water route. Of course, you should tell the workers whether the water purifier you choose needs to be electrified. Of course, no matter whether the water purifier is considered or not, it is better to place a waterproof socket under the inclined part of the pool, so as to consider using hot water or installing garbage crusher in winter.

4. Layout of other electrical sockets

After excluding the positions of cooking utensils, water pools and vegetables, the sockets for other kitchen appliances shall be placed at a height of 30mm from the table top, of which the nine hole socket is most commonly used. Some owners will consider the distance between socket holes and worry that large plugs will affect the simultaneous use of sockets. If you buy genuine brand sockets, this doubt can be eliminated.

5. Layout of gas alarm socket


The gas alarm is connected with the safety valve. When the circuit is running, the threading pipe shall be embedded in the wall in advance. Most owners only consider the alarm socket, do not know the safety valve.

The above article is a small edition to introduce to you about the types of sockets suitable for installation in the kitchen and the layout methods for installing sockets, hoping to have a certain reference value for you. The kitchen is a very important place in the family. There are many electrical appliances here. We should pay attention to the layout of the socket and the selection of the socket type when installing the socket.

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