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The kitchen socket can't be installed like this. My family didn't understand it at the beginning. Only when I moved in did I know how many holes there were!
2019-11-26 15:48:54

Buying a house is a big thing in life. After all, it depends on our hard work. If we have problems in the decoration, all our efforts will be in vain, so we must pay special attention to some details, such as the decoration of the kitchen. Many people's kitchens are built outside the house, so they don't pay much attention to the details of the kitchen when they decorate it, but if we do something in a hurry, it will probably leave a lot of unnecessary troubles. Moreover, even if the kitchen is installed outside, it is still a whole with our house, so we should pay more attention to it The kitchen is decorated in this way. Today, we mainly talk about how to install the kitchen socket and where it is most suitable. If you don't understand, please don't go ahead blindly. My family was so careless at the beginning, but later I really realized how much trouble the decoration left to me. The kitchen socket must be installed in the following way.


Kitchen is a very important place in our family. After all, our three meals a day come from here. If we have a beautiful environment, our mood will be much better when we cook food here, and our appetite will naturally increase. Of course, no matter we cook or eat, we can't do without the socket. Don't be surprised. After all, cooking requires power, and eating requires air conditioning or electric fans. So socket is very important to us.


First of all, sockets can't be installed near the sink. Of course, as long as there is water, we can't install sockets. I believe that everyone knows that water is a kind of conductor. If we accidentally get water on the socket, it will easily lead to leakage accident. This is not a small accident. Electricity has a strong killing power on human body, which will kill us in minutes. If you want to improve the safety of the kitchen, there is still a way. As long as you install a waterproof box here, the safety of the kitchen in our home will be greatly improved. If you haven't touched it, you can baidu search. This thing is very common.


In addition, the socket in our kitchen should not be close to the edge of the stove. Everyone's kitchen must have a stove, which is the place we often use to cook things and the source of fire in the kitchen, so we must ensure its safety when using the kitchen. In order to prevent accidents, you'd better not choose this place to install sockets. In case we don't pay attention to it when cooking, it is likely to cause sockets to catch fire. This is not for fun. Once sockets catch fire, it is likely to affect the whole house, with disastrous consequences. Even if we are a more careful person, and we are sure that we will not make such a low-level mistake, it is a bad habit to install the socket in the stove, because these lampblack will also endanger the service life of the socket, and finally we can not avoid accidents.


When we choose the switch for the kitchen, we'd better choose some switches with sockets, so that we won't easily damage the sockets at home. You must have replaced many sockets at home. In fact, the reason why they are so easy to break is that we unplug too many times, which leads to problems in sockets and even greatly reduces the life of sockets. So, we'd better install some sockets with switches at home. When we don't need electricity, we can just press the switch directly, which is convenient and convenient, and it's not easy to damage the sockets.

When you install a socket for your home, you may as well install a socket beside the dining table by the way. You don't have to be surprised, because this socket is also very useful. Everyone should have eaten hot pot in the shop. They just installed the socket on the wall under the table, so that we can use the socket directly when we play hot pot. If our mobile phone runs out of power, we can charge it by the way. The current hand machine is inseparable from us, so we can't run to the room to charge when we eat hot pot , and then chat with friends. Many people are waiting for you.

This is our kitchen is suitable for the installation of sockets and what kind of sockets should be installed. When you install sockets, you only need to keep the sockets away from the power and water sources. If you need to be more convenient, we need to consider combining the structure of the kitchen. You can adopt these methods.

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