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The kitchen of the rich family is equipped with these kinds of sockets. They are so practical. I really want to go home and reinstall them after reading them
2019-11-15 10:28:40

The kitchen of the rich family is equipped with these kinds of sockets. They are so practical. I really want to go home and reinstall them after reading them

If someone asks you, what kind of socket should be installed in the kitchen? Maybe you will be surprised: the socket is not the socket, its appearance is more changeable, that is, the difference between two legs and three legs, and the difference between brands

If you think so, maybe you are really wrong. We should know that the progress of modern technology has made the socket more specialized and adaptable.

The ordinary socket is installed in the kitchen, which is not no good, but has certain danger. You should know that the kitchen is the same as lampblack at most. Although there is a lampblack machine, it can't be avoided that lampblack is floating around. So things in the kitchen, including the sockets installed on the wall, are also stained with these floating objects and become greasy. Even the sockets of sockets are unavoidable! This does not bring the safety of electricity?

Perhaps it is for such a safety consideration that a number of sockets suitable for this kind of space in the kitchen have emerged.


Pop up socket. Its English name is pop out outlets. The reason why it is called pop-up socket is that when it is not used, it can be embedded in the wall and viewed from the outside, just a flat plate. When we need to use it, we just need to press it with a finger, the whole socket will pop out, and three sockets can be provided for our daily use. The advantage of this kind of socket is obvious: don't worry about the lampblack seeping into the socket, lampblack proof, waterproof and dustproof, and beautiful.


Embedded socket. This kind of socket, in fact, is similar to the pop-up socket. The difference is that the pop-up socket is light pressed out, but the embedded socket is light drawn out. The protection function of the two kinds of sockets is equivalent. Just the embedded socket may need more space to collect it. The kitchen cabinets provide appropriate space for their existence and use.


Stroller socket. It's a name that makes people have unlimited reverie. In fact, it is only a kind of socket equipped with a considerable length of wire extension cable, so that the electrical appliances can be plugged in without moving the position. This is also quite practical in kitchen space. After all, there are many appliances in the kitchen. If the sockets are not enough, or the installation position cannot make the power lines of all appliances accessible, this kind of stroller socket is quite useful.

A freely movable socket. The socket is installed on a track, so the socket can move anywhere in the track. In this way, you can move the position of the socket according to the position of the appliance in the kitchen and the length of the power line, instead of moving the appliance position to accommodate the fixed socket.

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