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Pop up Socket makes electricians crazy
2020-01-04 17:20:36

Traditional patch panels have dominated the market for many years

There's always a bunch of restless designers who come up with weird things

Such as pop-up socket

Is the brain hole a little big

Today we share two pop-up outlets

The form of design is very similar

But there are some differences between them

1、 The outlet

It might look like a normal wall insert

When you press the key on its side

There will be two additional jacks popping up


You can see that

This socket mainly solves the problem that the plug is not enough

It is similar to the doughnut socket designed by female college students

The advantage of this socket is fast installation

It's said that it can be installed in five minutes


This socket is a 2009 red dot award-winning work

Other styles


2、 Adorne pop-up socket


It doesn't look very different from the ordinary embedded socket

When it is in a folded state

There is no jack on the panel

You have to tap

It will pop up a square structure

And the four jacks are distributed on the four sides

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