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More and more people are installing this kind of socket in the kitchen. It's too practical. I'll install it when I go home
2019-11-11 15:11:19

More and more people are installing this kind of socket in the kitchen. It's too practical. I'll install it when I go home

The kitchen is an area with more electrical appliances, so the socket has become a crucial equipment, because in the kitchen, whether it is the lampblack machine or the electric rice cooker, it is necessary to use the socket to work, and the installation of the kitchen socket is a certain stress, the following three installation methods are worth learning, come and have a look!


1. Same track socket

Because there are many appliances in the kitchen, there will be appliances in almost every corner. That's why more sockets need to be installed in the kitchen. Otherwise, when the appliance needs to be used, it needs to move to the place where there are sockets. Sometimes, when multiple appliances are needed to be used at the same time, some people will take out and plug them in row. As a result, there will be a lot of wires in the kitchen, so there are certain safety problems. However, if you choose to install the sockets at the same level, it will not only be convenient to use them, but also not make the kitchen dirty.


2. Socket with switch

As mentioned above, there are many appliances placed in the kitchen, and almost every time you use an appliance, you need to unplug it. Otherwise, it is very easy to shorten the service life of the appliance. However, if the kitchen is equipped with a switch socket, when you use the appliance, you can press the switch to turn off the power The effect is very convenient and simple.

3. Socket beside stove and sink

Some people like to install sockets beside gas stoves, but it is not recommended to do this, because when gas stoves are used, sparks will inevitably erupt. If you accidentally jump into the sockets, it is likely that the sockets will be burnt out, and even the serious ones will cause explosion accidents. So for our life safety, you are the most important It's too dangerous to install a socket near the gas stove.

Moreover, it's better not to install the socket beside the sink. Of course, if there is a need to install it, it's better to install a waterproof box on the top of the installed socket, so that even when using the sink, we don't have to worry about water splashing into the socket, which leads to our unsafe electricity use.

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