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Look at the teacher Fu's house installed a ground plug, only to know how convenient it is after check-in, regret that my home decoration is too early!
2019-12-04 16:57:30

With the rapid development of science and technology, now in our lives there are a variety of smart home products, which bring us a lot of convenience. And now the electronic products in the market update very fast, so we have more and more electrical products at home. With more electrical products, there will be more sockets at home. Not only will more five hole sockets be installed, but also some friends will install them at home. However, a little friend may ask, isn't the ground plug installed in the office or restaurant? Can we install it in our family? What's the point?


Recently, as the home is preparing for decoration, we often visit other people's houses to hope that our decoration will be more smooth. I visited a senior decorator's home two days ago, only to find that his restaurant had installed a ground plug. I also put forward the above questions, and he gave me a detailed introduction to the role of grounding in the family.

The friends who have bought the family socket all know that the rated current of different sockets is very different. For example, the common five hole socket is 10a, the air conditioner socket is 16a, and the ground plug configuration current will be as high as 25A. So it can be used with higher power appliances, which is one of the reasons why it is very common in restaurants and offices. It is not only easy to install, but also can connect more hotpot stoves or computers. If we need to connect some high current electrical appliances at home, the ground plug becomes a better choice.

Moreover, many people like to barbecue or eat hot pot at home. If you install a ground plug in the restaurant, you don't need to pull the row everywhere, and it's not easy to trip the old or children at home. In the same way, some people pay attention to health preservation and like to make tea. It's more convenient to make tea by inserting it under the table in the living room. Sometimes the cell phone can be plugged in when there is no power. You can watch TV and charge the cell phone at the same time.

However, there are many kinds of ground plug in the market, including pop-up, flip and swing cover. Because of the simple shape, many consumers react, and the effect is not very good after use. In fact, it has a lot to do with the installation. How to install the ground plug? It's more convenient to use it.

For families with small children, it's better to install the ground plug in a place that is not very conspicuous and not often moved, such as under the table and tea table introduced above, so that it's not easy to trip and affect the use. In addition, the ground plug must not be installed in a low-lying place at home, so as to prevent water accumulation and socket soaking during daily cleaning of the ground. It is generally not recommended to install ground plug in the kitchen and toilet.

Although the installation of the ground plug is completed by professional electricians, in order to let you have a more clear understanding of the ground plug, here we will give you a detailed introduction.

1. Installation of the ground plug-in cover: this step is very simple. Just clean up the sundries and dust around the installation hole before installation, and screw down the upper cover and the bottom of the steel box with screws. However, ensure that the ground plug-in cover is flat with the floor after installation.

2. Fixing of ground plug-in panel: the ground plug-in connection method is the same as the ordinary five hole socket. After the connection is completed, only the screw holes on the left and right sides of the ground plug-in panel and the connection holes of the junction box embedded in the floor need to be aligned, and finally fixed with screws.

3. Installation of embedded ground plug: the installation of such ground plug is relatively complex. Before installation, a certain depth of embedment is required, which involves the thickness of a steel bottom box. The embedment depth of ultra-thin steel bottom box can be less than 55mm; the embedment depth of standard steel bottom box is between 65-75mm.

Finally, I would like to remind you that after the installation, you must save the remaining original screws for future maintenance.

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