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Installation and selection of kitchen socket
2019-12-18 09:20:55

The kitchen is the most frequently used place in the family. For example: electric rice cooker, integrated stove, refrigerator, small kitchen treasure, disinfection cabinet, oven, microwave oven, gas stove, electric kettle, electromagnetic stove Therefore, the socket should be designed reasonably, which will not affect the normal use of each electrical appliance in the later stage.

In this way, let's understand the 7 key points of kitchen socket installation!


1. The distance between all sockets on the kitchen counter top and the ground shall be 1250-1300mm, generally about 4 sockets shall be installed. The kitchen socket should be avoided to be installed near the gas stove and beside the sink.

2. If two electrical appliances are live at the same time, the required current is large. For a long time like this, even if the socket is not damaged, the lines in the wall are easy to age, thus causing danger. Therefore, it is recommended to use a socket for an appliance. It is better to use socket with switch to avoid frequent plug-in.


3. For high-power appliances such as water heater and oven, do not share a line with other appliances. Use a line independently. Use a wire with a cross section of 4mm2. Pay attention to the use of high-power socket.

4. In addition to the electric appliances such as rice cookers and microwave ovens, 1-2 sockets shall be reserved according to the position of the operation console for the convenience of adding electric appliances in the future.


5. The socket of disinfection cabinet and small kitchen treasure should be 500mm away from the ground. The socket of refrigerator should be placed 500mm-1000mm away from the ground on both sides of refrigerator. The socket of gas water heater is generally 1800mm-2300mm away from the ground, and the socket shall avoid the flue.

6. Except for the socket with switch, it is better to choose the socket with LED indicator light, and judge the power on and power off condition through the light and dark state of LED indicator light.

7. There is a lot of lampblack in the kitchen. Of course, you need to choose a socket that is durable and easy to clean, so as to reduce the cleaning burden!


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