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How much do you know about the installation forbidden area of kitchen socket
2019-12-11 09:07:49

What is the place with the most appliances in the house?

Kitchen, of course!

There are many places to use sockets when there are many electrical appliances. The number of sockets is important, and the safety of sockets is more important. Therefore, the location of sockets should be arranged reasonably when the kitchen is decorated. What are the installation taboos of sockets? They must not be touched. Today, let Xiaobian help you to arrange mine clearance!


1. The socket is close to the top of the stove

The first principle we need to follow is that we should never close to the top of the stove when installing sockets in the kitchen.

As for why we can't do it, I'm sure everyone knows that the stove is the place where the fire comes out and the temperature is relatively high. When we cook here, all kinds of water and oil will spill out. Such an environment is not conducive to the long life of the socket, and if the socket is stained with water vapor and oil, there may be fire, leakage and other accidents.

If this point is installed wrong, we must smash and reload!


2. The socket is close to the top of the sink

The second mistake you can't make in installing a socket in the kitchen is to put it near the top of the sink.

In fact, this is also a good understanding, because there is a lot of water near the sink. When we carry out various water activities in the sink, we will inevitably bring these water to the upper part of the sink.

If water stains enter the socket, electric shock may occur.


3. Socket without switch

It is necessary to put on the switch design for the socket installed in the kitchen, mainly for two aspects of suitability.

First, in consideration of the service life of the socket, it is necessary to know that many appliances in the kitchen, such as rice cooker and kettle, are used frequently almost every day. If the socket does not have a switch, the plug should be pulled out after each use, which is easy to damage the socket and reduce the service life of the socket.


Second, for the sake of safety, when we carry out activities in the kitchen, our hands are often either wet or oily. If such hands pull out the plug, it is also harmful. For the socket with switch, just turn off the switch, without touching the socket.


4. Electrical sockets are not separated

Many people are used to using the same socket for two electrical appliances. If two electrical appliances are used at the same time, the amount of current required is large and the time is long. It is easy to cause danger if the aging speed of the lines in the wall is accelerated. Therefore, it is best to use a socket for an appliance.


The above is the key point of the layout of the kitchen socket. Have you remembered it?

Don't look down on these sockets. They can solve the power consumption problems of many new appliances in the future. Unreasonable installation layout will really annoy you.

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