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Do you want to plug it in? The electrician made me understand
2020-01-04 17:28:44

When the new house is decorated, there should be at least forty or fifty switches and sockets, with double control, three holes and five holes, which are more common configurations. So, when the new house is decorated, do you want to install the ground plug? Is it necessary? Let's see what the electrician said.

What is ground insertion?

Ground plug, also known as ground socket, is generally fixed on the ground socket port, used in public places and home, such as airports, shopping malls, office places, living rooms, restaurants, etc.

Do you want to install the floor when decorating the new house?

At present, there are generally three types of ground plug: pop-up type, flip type and rotary cover type. These products are relatively simple, and their application scope is limited. More importantly, ground plug has many defects in practical life applications. Therefore, many people will also struggle to install the plug-in when decorating the new house. Let's listen to the electrician.

Advantages of ground plug:

1. Easy to use, such as the living room in the tea table next to the installation of a plug-in, tea making time is more convenient; if the restaurant installation plug-in, then eat hot pot, do not need to pull a very long plug-in cable, the plug-in is directly useful, do not worry about messy plug-in cable stumbling.

2. Wear resistant and corrosion-resistant. The place where the ground plug is used determines that its material is more wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and waterproof than the ordinary switch socket.

3. Easy to install. The ground plug can meet the requirements of different construction environment, different structure and thickness of the floor, and the pipe groove is also convenient for butt joint; the appearance and the ground coordinate with each other.

Disadvantages of ground plug:

1. It's not convenient to clean. Although the ground plug material is very good and has waterproof function, you should be very careful when dragging the ground. You need to avoid water dripping into the socket and damaging it.

2. The purchase cost is high, generally inserted as non-ferrous materials, the cost is relatively high, but the practicability is not very strong.

3. It is neither safe nor beautiful. When the plug is inserted in the work, the port of the plug needs to be popped or turned up due to the pop-up and flip type socket, which is easy to trip or kick off the plug, which is neither safe nor beautiful; while the top cover of the screw cover type is easy to be lost in the work state.

The electrician suggested that when the new house is decorated, the ground plug-in should be used as a selective installation. If it is often necessary to receive guests and make tea, you can install a ground plug beside the tea table in the living room or on the ground of the tea room. It is unnecessary for the restaurant. Although the installation is convenient for hot pot, who can eat hot pot every day? Therefore, the restaurant installation is not very practical, and the cost is also high.

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